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Restaurant Sales Manager

Launch new cities by acquiring and onboarding restaurants to Wolt's platform in Denmark.
1 week ago

✨ About The Role

- Responsible for acquiring restaurants to Wolt's platform in Denmark - Manage all stages of the sales funnel from initial contact to negotiation and signing agreements - Travel 5-15 days per month to visit restaurants and launch new cities across Denmark - Collaborate with the sales team to improve sales methodologies and processes - Ensure seamless handover to the merchant onboarding team for successful partnerships

⚡ Requirements

- Experience in sales, particularly in acquiring new clients and negotiating partnership terms - Ability to manage a portfolio of leads and conduct negotiations effectively - Willingness to travel frequently to meet with potential clients and launch new cities - Strong data-driven decision-making skills to support business intuition - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to pitch Wolt's services effectively
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Restaurant Sales Manager
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